Model for Assembling

by Alexey G

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“Model for Assembling” comes from the title of famous radio show in Russia, which was extremely popular at the end of 90s and the beginning of 21st century. The show consisted of 2 people presenting science fiction literature, which was read live with electronic music in the background. The pure audio experience would allow you to travel through space and time into the worlds of different authors, by using your own imagination and letting you complete your own model of the whole experience. The music that was played during the show, was of famous electronic musicians and bands, and relatively unknown new artists, who later became key figures in electronic music genre. The music also consisted of most various styles – dub, ambient, acid jazz, trip hop, techno, and everything else – imaginable and unimaginable. It did not connect directly to the stories but rather provided an overall sci-fi atmosphere.

The idea behind this album was not only to recreate some of the atmosphere of the show, but also provide a further experience without words, where the human voice is represented by clarinet as the main storyteller. Each track serves as a separate story, which is also represented by very different styles, or rather mix of genres of each track:

Progressive Trance Rock/Breakbeat,
Acid/Drum & Bass,
Ambient/Psychedelic Techno,
Traditional Electronic/Trance,
Industrial Trip Hop/Techno/Trance.

Without any further words, sit back comfortably, turn off the light, and enjoy a unique musical journey through time and space, without moving or going anywhere!

"Beautiful, amazingly verbose, and well-played to the rafters. As far as this reviewer is concerned, if it keeps coming like this, then bring on the revolution."
- Reed Burnam

"Alexey G’s understanding of classical music and electronic music allows each song to shine with musical cohesiveness. Despite the seemingly improbable combination of clarinet and electronic music, Alexey defines a new music with creativity that is sure to satisfy trance, ambient, space, and progressive dub fans everywhere. Model For Assembling does not suffer from any weaknesses."
- Matthew Forss


released August 22, 2011

Music: Alexey G
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Electronics: Alexey G
Acoustic Guitar on "Split Second": Andrew Baird
Graphic Design: Tyler Gathro



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Alexey G New York, New York

Alexey G is a classically trained clarinetist who combines classical music with newer musical forms of instrumental trance, ambient, techno, and progressive breakbeat genres. As an innovative musician, Alexey finds otherworldly sounds and places them in an earthly context of psychedelic trance, noise, and a precautious dose of classicism. ... more

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